There’s a long list of film elements that contribute to a film’s entertainment value: the sets and locations where the action takes place are at the top of that list. Something about a beautiful or exciting set makes us appreciate the action and emotions acted out. Part of what makes the set is the season, and summers are the best time to take up shooting. Filmmakers are mindful of this fact when selecting a film shooting location.

The beautiful state of Karnataka has many beautiful locations that are especially beautiful during the summer season. Line producers tend to choose these locations for summer shoots because they’re perfect for shooting several film scenes.

This article will take you on a tour of the best film shooting locations in Karnataka and a list of movies filmed in these places.

Significance of Choosing the Right Film Shooting Locations

The setting of a film is crucial to its success. Whether you’re shooting a TV commercial, feature film, reality show, or television/web series, the set has a significant impact on the final product.

The success or failure of your commercial video may hinge on the location you choose. But because there are so many things to consider, finding the best place or setting isn’t an easy task because of the time it takes to scout for one. One might want to consider the following tips before starting the location-finding process:

  • The location needs to be accessible and close to major cities.
  • Accessibility makes it possible to transport both the film crew and their equipment to and from the set.
  • Parking is particularly important because of the plethora of vehicles, trailers, equipment, and other gear required for filming.
  • It’s important to have a spacious work area. You wouldn’t want to begin working in a space only to realize that your project needs more room.
  • A fantastic filming site will include multiple rooms and outdoor locations for setting up cameras and filming sequences.
  • The ideal filming location would have both outdoor and indoor spaces. If you need a stage, consider whether or not you have enough room for it.
  • Film sets must accommodate all the necessities for your film crew, such as a hygienic eating area, clean washrooms, comfortable resting areas, and smoke zones.
  • Make sure the space accommodates as much relaxation for your production team as the cast.
  • Electrical outlets and power must be available to run all of your machinery.
  • In order to prevent problems, it’s important that the ground staff understands what’s needed in the film location.

To keep production costs as low as possible, choose a place that’s both beautiful and easy to design and install your equipment. To get the best results for big-budget films, hire location scouts and local fixers.

Karnataka as a Film Shooting Location

Karnataka, like many other parts of India, has stunning natural landscapes that attract the attention of various line production company crews. The state boasts many gorgeous locations for line production companies across India and all over the world.

Karnataka’s attractions are a fusion of modern and ancient beauty, as well as easy accessibility.

The state is blessed with beautiful white-sand beaches, a wide variety of wildlife, old towns, steep mountains, and much more. Karnataka’s mesmerizing scenery, majestic architecture, and natural wonders have Hollywood filmmakers coming back for more.

That said, let’s go on a tour of some of the best film shooting locations in this beautiful state.

1. Coorg

Coorg is an evergreen place for nature lovers and a popular destination for hikers. Because of its natural beauty, it has earned the nickname “Scotland of India”. There are a lot of coffee farms in this hill station, which makes it a great place not only for tourism and film shooting.

The picturesque nature of the area, along with the adjoining towns of Gonikoppal, Somwarpet, Kushalnagar, Pollibetta, and Virajpet, make it an ideal location for filming.

Over the course of the past years, Coorg has served as the setting for a number of popular Kannada and Hindi films. The films Gaalipata, Mungaru Male, and Muttinahara were all shot in this location.

In our experience, Coorg is best suited for romantic movies and/or scenes.

2. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is one of Bangalore’s most popular weekend destinations; it’s also been in demand as a popular filming location. Nandi Hills’ captivating scenery, fresh air, and great lighting make it a filmmaking hotspot.

The magnificent Nandi Hills provides the perfect setting for a relaxing nature getaway. Visitors come for a wide range of activities, including camping, hiking, and simply enjoying the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

The best thing about going to the top of the hill is getting to look at the clouds floating below you.

One of the most well-known movies to be filmed in this area is Potre Loves Padma.

3. Udupi

The town of Udupi is a place of ethereal beauty and verdant bliss. Udupi, or Odipu as it’s known locally, is situated between the misty Western Ghats and the clear waters of the Arabian Sea. It’s known for Yakshagana Theatre, its temples, architecture, wood artefacts, beaches, stone carvings, and unique cuisine, which features dishes like Tambuli, Saaru, Huli, Bajji, Koddelu, and Kosambari.

Udupi is one of the most preferred locations for Kannada film producers and video creators, with the most popular sites including Malpe Beach, Sri Krishna Temple, St. Mary’s Islands, Shiriyara, and Ambalpady.

Many famous production houses have been using these locations. For example, Maple Beach was the setting for the blockbuster film KGF-2.

4. Bangalore Palace

The majority of the earlier Kannada and Hindi films were shot in the historic Bangalore Palace. This is a well-known landmark in Bangalore because of its stunning design.

Several films, such as Baarsat, Coolie No.1, and Rowdy Rathore, were shot in this location.

Currently, directors from Kollywood, Bollywood, and Sandalwood all consider this a perfect location for shooting.

5. Hampi

Hampi is one of the most beautiful and historic places in Karnataka. Magadheera, one of the finest masterpieces from the Telugu film industry, was shot in the beautiful ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire in Hampi. Many kings ruled over the Vijayanagar Empire, but they all left their mark on Hampi’s map, making it one of the world’s greatest gifts to humanity.

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Hampi brings you closer to temples and old ruins, each of which has its own story and character.

Hampi is a great location for filming, thanks to its many temples, palaces, and shrines. Some of the renowned monumental temples of this palace are Pattabhirama Temple, Krishna Temple, Chandrasekhara Temple, Hazara Ramachandra Temple, and Jaina Temple. Along with the ruins, this place has a beautiful hill station with hiking facilities.

Several films, including the Hollywood film, The Myth, have been shot in this region. Rowdy Rathore, G.O.D, Maya, Rana Vikrama, and Bale Jodi are some of the best-known movies shot in this location.

Because it is a historical site, filming there needs to be approved ahead of time.

6. Bengaluru City

Bangalore, or Bengaluru, is a vibrant metropolis full of diverse cultures and people, making it a top destination for any film producer or line producer in Karnataka.

Several people from all over the country have made their way to the country’s technological epicentre because of the welcoming atmosphere it provides. Bangalore is one of the best places for film shooting in Karnataka in the summer because the weather is mostly pleasant throughout the year.

The city has many parks, gardens, museums, historical sites, and monuments that make it perfect for filming.

Bannerghatta Biological Park’s Butterfly Park, Bangalore Palace, Lalbagh Glass Place, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, Wonderla Amusement Park, ISKCON Temple, and Aerospace Museum are just a few of the city’s well-known sites.

Movies like Banglore Days and many more have beautiful city scenarios of Bangalore in the background.

7. Shimoga

Shimoga is one of the most beautiful places in Karnataka because of its abundant natural beauty, wildlife, tranquillity, and spirituality.

Agumbe is one of the best places to film in Shimoga during the summer for a number of reasons. This beautiful hill station in Shimoga is known as the “Cherrapunji of the South” because of its all-year-round rains.

The Western Ghats mountain range and the nearby fast-moving rivers make great settings for romantic movies and musical scenes.

Another filming hotspot in Shimoga is the famous Jog Falls. Along with Jog Falls, Barkana Falls, Kunchikal Falls, and Onake Abbi Falls also provide stunning views for visitors and filmmakers. When the natural beauty of this place is captured on film, it never fails to amaze the audience.

This location was used in the production of the TV show, Malgudi Days. Shimoga has also been featured in the Tamil movie, Kumki, and the Kannada movie, Kanoor Heggadati.

8. Brindavan Garden

Mysore’s Brindavan Garden is known as one of the most beautiful gardens in India, which has brought a steady stream of filmmakers to the state. It’s located in the Srirangapatna Taluk of the Mandya district.

The Brindavan Garden is a popular place for tourists visiting Mysore owing to its houses, fountains, colourful flower beds, farms, and calm lake.

Brindavan Garden has been used to film several movies since the 1980s. In 2005, the garden underwent renovations worth Rs. 5 crores, which added some stunning sights.

The park’s major attraction is a musical fountain that sprays water in sync with the music. The area also features a lake where guests can rent canoes and paddle boats for a relaxing afternoon.

During the summer, the beauty of different types of flowers and scenic beauty captivates visitors. Filmmakers have consistently ranked it as one of their finest locations because of the entrancing beauty of the area. Agaru, Nanna Prakara, Vasanthakala, Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu, and Bharaate are examples of some movies shot in this location.

9. Badami Caves Temple

Badami Caves are the perfect representation of ancient works of art. These sandstone caves are a well-known landmark in Bagalkote and a popular place for tourists to visit in the state.

Badami sits in a mesmerizing location at the end of a valley between two rugged hills. Badami’s sandstone cliffs and magnificent sculptures evoke a plethora of ancient legends. Within a one-kilometre range, there are four ancient cave temples situated opposite the Badami Fort, making this location ideal for any historic film shooting.

The structure of Badami Caves Temple, which was constructed by the Chalukyas in the sixth century, makes it a favourite spot of directors. The movies Magadheera, Rowdy Rathore, and Guru were all filmed in this region.

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