Ever since TV advertising boomed in the 1950s, videos have been the go-to marketing medium for many companies. Every year, we see the rise of new video genres that help companies scale their business. One such type of video largely used by businesses is explainer videos.

To help you better understand how to utilize the best explainer video services, we're going to explore what explainer videos are and how they're used to upscale company marketing.

Let's begin.


What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are short videos that companies use to highlight their products, services, and ideas. You can typically find them on a company's landing page.

Explainer videos are short, simple, and easy to watch (meaning they explain things simply). They break down complex ideas so viewers can grasp what companies want to communicate.


Why Use Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are used to introduce a company to potential buyers or clients. Additionally, companies use them to educate a large audience, share their vision and goal, and address problems that existing customers face with brand interaction.

Explainer videos tend to be a catch-all when it comes to the marketing industry, as they can be used for almost any purpose. For this reason, making an effective explainer video can be a complex process. Because of this, many video production companies have shifted to specializing solely in explainer videos or shifting most of their resources to creating them.

Having an explainer video is a great boon for any brand that wishes to expand its influence in its market. Here's how explainer videos can benefit your marketing strategy.


Benefits of Using Explainer Videos


1. Greater SEO-Optimization and Conversion Rates

Videos are known to have high SEO rates, and slowly but surely, over the years, Google Search has been prioritizing video results over others. Studies have also shown that by adding a video to a regular blog post, organic traffic for that post grows by almost 157 percent!

Once the viewer has been brought in via SEO, explainer videos also do the job of keeping them entertained and informed. This usually helps convert random viewers to paying customers. Recent stats revealed that 86% of all marketers who use videos in their marketing activities say it effectively generates leads.


2. Higher Engagement and ROI Rates

Videos combine the best of all worlds. With visuals, audio, and text, videos maximize viewer engagement. This leads to better engagement rates with audiences. And marketers chase better engagement rates because they lead to high returns on investment.


3. Completely Encapsulates a Brand's Message

The attention spans of the audience over the years have gotten shorter and shorter. So, it has become hard for advertisers to establish a brand in their audience's minds.

Here's where explainer videos come to the rescue. They break down complex ideas into bite-sized pieces of information that audiences can digest.


4. Provides a More Professional Feel

The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with a video than on one without. Explainers are a great way to introduce your brand and build trust with clients. They go to show that you've gone the extra mile for your viewers.


5. Help Educate and Update Your Customers

Explainers for businesses are not just introductory messages; they can also be a medium to educate customers. Usually, they provide tips and tricks regarding using the products or services of the brand. They're also used to keep the audience up-to-date on the latest trends regarding the brand.?


Why Your Company Should Make an Explainer Video

Videos are a fantastic medium from a marketer's perspective as they can be a great medium to advertise their brand, services, or even products. From the audience's perspective, they get people excited and more engaged.

As explainer videos go above and beyond regular videos, they are the catch-all tool for marketing everything for your brand.