Hiring a line production company sounds easy. You would probably scour the web and go with the first result that pops on your screen. But that's just half the story – the climax to be exact. Hiring a top-line production company has more to do with understanding what a line producer does and how to differentiate the best from the rest.? 

There are a lot of line producers out there claiming that theirs is the top production company in India. But you want the best in the business for your company. And for that, you need to rely on more than just their word. 

That's exactly why we have put together this little guide to help you hire the best line production company.


4 Must-know Tips Before You Hire a Line Production Company

This isn't a checklist that helps you find a line production company but more of a guide to help you understand your needs and align them with the production company in question. So here are some key points to keep in mind before you hire a line producer in India.?

Know What You Want

Yes, we know that sounds a bit vague. And a lot of time it is absolutely okay to not know which direction to go in, especially for creative projects such as corporate videos. A lot of times a competent line production company will help you figure out what you want as you go along. 

But having said that, if you can pinpoint as many specifics that you're looking to get out of these corporate videos, it will make the job a lot easier. So just take a second and note down what exactly you're looking to get out of this process. 

Done? Okay, now you're ready to REALLY start the hiring process.

Ask for Referrals and Search Online

There are several ways to find a line production company that can deliver what you need. Use your extensive network as a starting point, and ask your co-workers, acquaintances, and other industry insiders if they know of any leads for a top production company in India. Even though it may seem archaic or out-of-date, word of mouth is still one of the finest ways to discover a reputable and well-respected line production company. 

There are many well-known business listing websites today where users may express their thoughts on a wide range of topics, including reviews of line producers and line production companies. Before coming to a decision, make a shortlist of at least 3 service providers who seem competent and conduct a competitive analysis.

Experience and Previous Work

After you’ve narrowed it down to 3-5 companies, you should start evaluating each service provider in depth. The evaluation process must include compiling as much information as possible about the businesses from their official websites. Assess how professional-looking their websites are, and look for contact information so you can get in touch with a live person if necessary. 

When you first get in touch with the line production company, try to determine their experience and proficiency by requesting examples of their prior work. The styles and businesses the service provider has worked with, as well as their focus on quality and results, will allow you to make an informed decision if this particular line production company is the one for you.

Meet with the Personnel

There's only so much you can find out from reading words on a screen. After you've conducted your competitive analysis and shortlisted a couple of line production companies, it's time for direct interaction.? 

Set up a meeting with the company at the earliest, and prepare a set of questions and queries to ask them that may indicate their level of expertise. Here's a working list of questions you can get started with:

  • What are the qualifications of your team members?
  • This is my company's messaging brand guide, and this is my arbitrary vision for the project. What are your suggestions, thoughts, and ideas for the same?
  • What is the workflow that your line production company follows?
  • What are the timeline, budget, and capital requirements for you to do your best work? 

These set of questions will at least start you off in the right direction and allow you to gather pertinent information that will get you closer to making a decision either way.

Well, there you have it. We hope that this guide helped you in some way with your hiring process. And if it did, here's a little bonus advice you probably did not ask for: WE, i.e. Capture Crew, are also one of the top production companies in India. So, you know, your search may not have to go on much further!