With the introduction of video production to the corporate world, corporate videos have become increasingly popular. Besides television, you can also find them on social media and various streaming services.

While corporations can hire any camera crew to film their video, the best corporate videos are created by production companies that combine professional and creative expertise with the ability to listen and adapt to your budget needs.

So, below are eight cost factors you should consider while making corporate videos.


Cost Factors Involved in Producing Corporate Videos

The costs for corporate videos depend entirely on the corporate video production company you choose.

Before partnering with a company to shoot your next corporate video, consider the following factors.


1. Expertise

Looking for an expert corporate video production company is like looking for a doctor: you want to go for the best one. More often than not, the better they are, the more they'll charge.

Corporate video production rates can vary greatly depending on the expertise of the company you hire.

But bear in mind that high prices don't necessarily translate to expertise. So, ask the company for samples and look at their testimonials to understand their quality of work.

2. Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

The creative concepts that make up the beginning stages of corporate video production are necessary for the success of a project.

If a corporate video production company doesn't offer this, then you're likely to run into extra costs hiring another one to do it.

Look for a company that offers scriptwriting and storyboarding as part of their corporate video creation package.


3. Post-Production Editing

Post-production editing pulls all the creative content together for your corporate video. The editors put the footage into a cohesive story for your targeted audience.

The cost of editing will depend on the type of corporate video you're producing. The more graphics and animations there are, the more expensive it'll be.


4. Camera Crew

You can't shoot the film yourself. The camera and crew you hire for the corporate video use advanced equipment to give your corporate video the professional look it deserves. Hence, they will add additional costs to your production.

Low-quality equipment and an inexperienced crew translate to lower quality of work and prices. Premium equipment and a highly experienced crew will mean higher prices.

The features of the crew's equipment can make a massive difference in the video.

Ensure your budget demands can get you a well-experienced crew with good equipment.

5. Lighting and Audio Equipment

Corporations usually don't prioritize owning filmmaking equipment. So, much of it will be borrowed or rented.

Good corporate video production companies will have an array of equipment they can use throughout the production of your corporate video to improve its quality. Equipment charges can include a track dolly, mics, lighting, and other lenses that'll help produce the best shots.


6. Location

Where you film your corporate videos will be essential to the total production cost. Locations popular for commercial film production tend to cost more than ones that aren't sought after.

Likewise, shooting at a studio and shooting outdoors can also differ in cost. The cost also varies depending on how long you rent the location. Figure out the time you need for setting up, shooting, and taking down equipment, and set your budget accordingly.


7. Props

If your corporate video requires props or any other special equipment, you will have to consider buying or renting them. These props can include furniture, accessories, vehicles, or other items required to make the shoot successful.


8. Translations

If your corporate video will be shared in locations that speak different languages, you need to get it translated or add captions for better understanding. Not all corporate videos require this, especially if your business is local and does not operate or make sales globally.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right production company, with consideration to cost factors, can be overwhelming. Contact Capture Crew if you are looking for a corporate video production company in Bangalore. We are a professional video production company that helps you achieve your desired video for your business.