Are you struggling to get your brand messaging right? Unable to decide what is the best marketing strategy for new products that captures your prospective clients? Don't worry, we've got the right design for you: Corporate Videos! 

Yes, corporate videos are an excellent way to engage a wide range of audiences. There are numerous types of corporate videos specified in the type of audience they tend to and the tone they set. Plus videos are any day better than a static image or a text at grabbing the audience’s attention or cementing a product in their minds, just take a look at this impressive video from Slack

And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most effective and essential types of corporate videos your company should focus on to market your product, convert leads, and expand your audience base.


Types of Corporate Videos


Brand Videos

Brand Videos are great at brand and product positioning. Hence, your corporate video production company's top priority is brand videos. A brand video contributes not only to product marketing but also to establishing your brand image. It must capture the essence of your brand into a single, engaging video, like this one right here from Netflix

You might use it to share your company’s mission statement, emphasize your core beliefs, or just list what you do, why you do it, and how you differ from your competitors. This film should serve as your brand’s centerpiece, effectively explaining to viewers who you are and why they should visit your website.


Product Videos


Some products are just inherently more difficult to explain than others. Or perhaps, you know your game and realize that an audio-visual experience is a much better way for your audiences to understand your offerings. 

Either way, product corporate videos engage your audience by showcasing characteristics and benefits of your product, often along with examples of how it works. Don't let your corporate video production company sleep on product videos as they are helpful for customers still in the research phase.

Here's an example of a classic, feature-heavy script by Zoom that immediately conveys the benefits of their product transparently.


Social Media Videos

Like it or not, social media is where it’s at these days. If you want to be a brand that is remembered, you need social media presence and a really good one. 

And one of the key aspects of being good at it is social media corporate videos. It’s no secret that all the big social media algorithms promote engaging and shareable video content. And the interesting part is that these videos need not be strictly about your products or services, they just need to be on-brand. 

Check out how the energy drink company Red Bull stays on top of its social media game with this on-brand, exciting social media video.


Testimonial Videos

Human beings are creatures of conditioning. And the social proof is one of the most effective ways to convince someone to take any particular action. People want to know product details from other reliable sources that they can trust. Add to that reviews in a real and honest corporate video form, there aren’t many better ways for you to build trust for your brand. 

These testimonial corporate videos can then be placed on your website, preferably above the fold on a crucial landing page to help viewers believe in your capabilities. You can also use them in sales pitches and marketing communications. 

See how Google's Dropbox got a bunch of satisfied clients together to tell their stories and made it into a testimonial video.


Explainer Videos

Explainer corporate videos are educational in that they demonstrate a solution to a problem for your audience. That problem does not have to be completely related to using your product. It’s enough for it to be a more tangential issue. By the end of the video, your audience should be equipped with the knowledge to act on the new skills they’ve acquired from the video. 

Why require your customers to write in with a frequent question about your product when you can address it in an easily searchable explainer video? It's a no-brainer! 

Here's an example of a clean and crisp explainer video from MuleSoft explaining what an API is (Spoiler: Application Programming Interface)


?FAQ Videos

Speaking of frequent questions asked by customers, many companies have a dedicated FAQ section on their websites to address oft-asked questions about their company, product, and service.? These sections can be text-heavy, drawn-out, and downright boring, but adding a video makes it much more appealing.? 

An employee could be seen in the video responding to inquiries, or it could even be clever animation. For this section of your website, using a video makes it simple and engaging for visitors to find the information they require. 

Apple shows the way here with a simple, yet extremely informative FAQ video about switching to an Apple phone for the first time.


Promotional Videos

Promotional videos function similarly to private video invitations. Promo films pitch your event while providing your audience with a sense of brand association. 

You should include a Call to Action in these films that urges viewers to sign up, reach out, book a demo, etc. That, as well as a succinct but thorough explanation of what exactly is it you’re marketing. Your ultimate objective is to encourage viewers to take action by generating leads or attendees. 

Starbucks put out a clever video in 2017 that promoted their brand while making customers feel like a part of their story at the same time. 

Videos are entertaining to watch, and probably even more so to create. But they’re also an integral part of how you conduct business. Whether you’re speaking to new customers or existing followers, by this point you ought to have a solid understanding of how the different types of corporate videos connect with your audience. 

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