The internet is all too full of textual data on various products. All this information makes it harder for people to pay attention long enough to get all the relevant facts. To tackle this issue, many companies use explainer videos to promote their products and services.

This is especially true for tech startups and older companies that launch new offerings through their products and services.

Explainer videos are short, catchy videos with animation or 3D effects that promote a product or service in a concise manner. A well-made video is the best way to tell potential customers about your business and its offerings.

Let’s take a look at the top six types of trendy explainer videos on the internet that can help you promote your business.

Top 6 Explainer Videos Companies Use

Here are the six types of explainer videos companies use.

1. Animated Explainer Videos

Most explainer video production teams these days use animated videos to tell their clients’ stories. It’s a great way to simplify the offerings of technological services to the average customer. The animated visuals used have the ability to convey complex concepts clearly without boring the audience.

Animated explainer videos allow more creative freedom while articulating a concept. This gives room to make changes to a product or service planned for future release.

2. Two-Dimensional Explainer Videos

2D explainer videos use traditional animated items such as cartoons and sketches to weave a perfect tale. They’re more affordable than other types of explainer videos.

If you don’t want to add a lot of realistic and expensive additions to your videos, this is a good option. A 2D artist can create these cost-effective videos in a short duration.

3. Motion Graphic Explainer Videos

These may look similar to 2D animated videos, but they have some fundamental differences. They focus primarily on conveying facts and ideas to the audience or consumer, whereas 2D animation is more concerned with aesthetics and the look and feel of the communication.

An explainer video production team that indulges in motion graphics lays the design in such a way that the images stay in the background while voiceovers are added to the foreground. In motion graphics videos, brand logos and other brand assets can be put together with other visuals in a way that looks natural.

This type of video can be useful for showcasing app demos or financial statistics.

4. Three-Dimensional Explainer Videos

3D animated videos are the best way to present your ideas with a realistic touch. This is an upgraded version of two-dimensional videos with more accuracy and depth. It provides fully rotatable and movable models (just like real-world objects).

Although 3D animated explainer videos are an absolute visual treat, they can be time and cost-consuming. However, the final product is worth it.

5. Live-Action Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, live-action explainer videos promote your product by having real people explain it. These kinds of videos use fewer animated or graphic visuals and instead focus on live footage.

The end goal is still to describe the product or service, and this description may include feedback from real buyers.

Live-action videos may seem authentic and realistic to many buyers, but they’re quite expensive.

A live-action explainer video isn’t something a business uses very often because it needs its own production house and/or actors. Hire explainer video companies if you want to promote your business with live testimonials.

6. Whiteboard Animations

In whiteboard animation, hand-drawn images or illustrations make the information easier to understand. Here, the narrative is constructed entirely by pictures. These videos portray a hand that writes and draws relevant information on a whiteboard.

The voiceover is as necessary for whiteboard animation as it is for the other types of explainer videos. This type of animation is the best choice if your product needs a simple explanation without a lot of visuals. This technique can be used to promote intimidating objects or concepts with fewer uncomfortable visuals.

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